We work with the market leaders in customer relationship management systems: Microsoft and Salesforce

Sonoma Partners is proud of our strong track record as the Product Development Outsourcing (PDO) partner for leading CRM ISVs. We have over 75,000 hours of relevant experience. 

On the Microsoft side, we are deeply engaged in growing the Dynamics 365 ISV ecosystem.  We are members of Microsoft’s ISV Partner Steering Committee and part of the AppSource Advisory Council. 

On the Salesforce side, we are well-versed in bringing solutions into the AppExchange. We can help you pass your security reviews and deliver your application to market – fast. 

Sonoma Partners Microsoft Expertise Overview:

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Sonoma Partners Salesforce Expertise Overview:

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Have you heard about Salesforce Lightning? A restyling of the entire layout of Salesforce, it offers several enhancements to increase user productivity and navigation. With a similar layout and stayling to Salesforce1, it brings the two products in closer alignment and reduces the number of interfaces a user needs to be proficient in to use the system effectively. Read more in our quick guide on this exciting new enhancement.