ISV Enablement

Sonoma Partners helps Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) integrate with Dynamics 365 and Salesforce

We can help you tap into these market-leading CRM ecosystems and bring a new solution to market.

Over the past five years, we've completed 50+ ISV enablement projects on Microsoft Dynamics and Salesforce with over 75,000 hours of relevant experience. With this expertise, we work on the following types of solutions:

  • Vertical Solution: Design an industry-focused CRM solution leveraging a market-leading platform, so you can focus on what makes your solution unique and avoid reinventing the wheel.

  • Connectors/Integrations: Integrate your solution with Dynamics 365 or Salesforce to tap into new markets, provide a unified experience for your customers, and grow your business.

  • Mobile Interfaces: Create a mobile interface, beautifully and intuitively designed for your customers.

  • SDKs & APIs: Make it easy for your clients to customize your solution for their unique needs by providing easy-to-use development and integration toolsets.

A few of our ISV clients: