Mobility Test Drive

A custom mobile application will make your sales team more productive.

With a Mobility Test Drive from Sonoma Partners, you’ll have a working prototype tablet or phone app for iPad, Android, or Windows within a few short weeks.

We recognize the essential role that user experience design plays in effective mobile app development. To demonstrate the value, we created the Mobility Test Drive as a way for companies to access a proof-of-concept prototype to see how a mobile application can work for their business.

What does the Mobility Test Drive entail?

A member of our UX team will ride along with a member of your field team to observe and experience a day-in-the-life. This observation period gives us the opportunity to watch your team in a natural setting and understand what people actually do, instead of what they might say they do.

After observing your team in-action, we will create low-fidelity sketches and wireframes that inform the creation of a working prototype. The engagement ends when we deliver a polished app, complete with your company’s branding, to help you understand your mobility possibilities.

What will you get with our Mobility Test Drive?

  • In-field ride along with one of our UX Architects
  • Low- and high-fidelity mockups prior to development
  • Working prototype of your custom app

Are you ready to take a ride? Our team of mobility experts is ready to fully assess the mobile opportunities in front of you and help you outline a plan for success.