Enterprise Mobility

Mobility is no longer a “nice to have” feature for your business.

Enterprise mobility is essential to building credibility in the eyes of your customers and enabling your employees to work more effectively.

Many developers can write the code needed for a mobile solution, but that doesn’t mean the app will meet your end user’s needs. Sonoma Partners embraces the art of user experience design coupled with compelling graphic design to create a custom app that your users will love.

We understand one of the main challenges of enterprise mobility is how to begin. We’ve developed our Mobile Test Drive package to help ease you into the process. Our team will help you throughout to create an inspiring and valuable application that your users can rely on to be successful.

What we offer:

  • Evaluation of native vendor mobile solutions
  • Custom mobile app development using native or mobile frameworks
  • UX design resources to enhance native CRM platforms
  • Portals and custom control development

Evaluation of Native Vendor Mobile Solutions

Most application vendors provide customizable and extensible mobile solutions to make application features accessible. But do these out-of-the-box solutions accomplish your specific use case or solve your business' unique problems? Sonoma Partners will help you decide if your mobile approach can be accomplished with native mobile solutions or if you should augment your mobile strategy with custom applications.

Custom Mobile App Development

Custom mobile applications empower businesses to do incredible things with CRM. Users can see nearby Accounts plotted on a map. Key notes and images can be stored directly to those Account records in CRM. Associated Activities can be created quickly, integrating with the native email and phone apps on the device. By leveraging both the user experience and design expertise in-house at Sonoma Partners, all of this highly technical functionality can be yours in a simple and elegant interface.

Sonoma Partners will help define your device strategy. This can include using frameworks for a multi-device phone approach to using native options to create visually appealing iPad or Windows 10 applications.

UX Design Resources for CRM

User experience design is not only crucial for custom mobile app development, but it is essential in designing for native CRM platforms. Our UX architects will look at your team’s motivations and determine what it is they truly need to get the job done more efficiently. With dedicated UX design resources, we can enhance your native desktop application to focus on your team’s unique needs and build them a tool they actually want to use.


Our portals are made up of logical layouts and responsive design, giving your team tools that are equally accessible at home and on the go. Portals make it easy to engage with clients or partners by surfacing the relevant CRM data in an engaging way. Updates are instantly available in both directions and reduce the overhead of keeping disparate systems in sync. We believe in workflow-based design to ensure that the most common tasks on the portal are also the simplest and most intuitive.

Custom Controls

While full-blown custom CRM applications are exciting, it’s important to understand what a profound impact great design can have when focusing on little things that are used repeatedly. If someone on your team has to perform a task a hundred times a day in CRM, it’s striking to see the impact that can be made by reducing an eight-click workflow to three. Whether we’re building custom grids, dashboard elements, or just placing fields on a page, we’re always considering the experience of the user.