CRM Envision

CRM Envision

Whether you already have a CRM system deployed or if you're considering implementing a new CRM, at one point or another you will find yourself asking questions like:

    • "Why should we do this CRM project?"
    • "What problems are we trying to solve?"
    • "Which business outcomes should we go after with this CRM system?"
    • Approximately when should we tackle these different initiatives over the next 2-3 years?"

Companies need to be able to answer these questions in a clear and succinct manner if they want to achieve real business benefits from their CRM system. Unfortunately, we see a lot of companies that rush into a quick and dirty CRM deployment but after a few months, they're not getting the business value they think they expected. Sadly they might have just spent a lot of money and time on an "electronic Rolodex".

Based on our experience of over 1,000 CRM deployments, Sonoma Partners offers a proprietary service we call Envision which helps clients develop a strategic roadmap to guide their CRM program from conception through implementation and beyond. Some of the key outcomes of our Envision process include:

    • Strategic Goals of the Program Defined
    • Long-Term CRM Roadmap Developed
    • Key Metrics to Evaluate Success Identified

As part of our Envision services, Sonoma Partners conducts a series of executive workshops that help customers identify and document critical variables of the CRM project including: strategic objectives, program initiatives, system capabilities, obstacles to success, etc. Sonoma Partners then helps customers link the strategic objectives to the initiatives to the CRM system capabilities. We also help customers score and prioritize the business value and relative complexity associated with achieving each of the initiatives. From there, we can help put together a long-term CRM roadmap which outlines the proposed sequence of CRM projects along with key milestones and success metrics that help make sure customers achieve the business value they want.