CRM Adoption and Change Management

CRM Adoption and Change Management

You have all heard the stats about the large number of CRM deployment failures. Forrester says "Out of all the CRM project ​problems reported, we found​ the most significant threat ​to be slow user adoption (49 percent).”​

We rarely see CRM projects fail due to the underlying technology, but it is very common to see projects stall or fail due to poor user adoption. Many people (falsely) think that designing a simple CRM system, or one with "less clicks" will lead to high user adoption. However, we believe that there is much more involved in ensuring a project’s success. The key to high-end user adoption is understanding your audience, the value of the change, engaging the right people and developing a well thought out communication and training plan to support the change and ultimately coupling it with a well-designed system. This plan must be unique to each organization because it needs to work within each company's culture and observe organizational differences.

Based on our experience with over a thousand CRM deployments, Sonoma Partners developed a proprietary CRM adoption framework that we call Engage. Our Engage framework includes all of the tools necessary to help you successfully implement your CRM system and achieve high levels of end user adoption. The tools within our Engage framework include: stakeholder assessments, communication plans, change plans, champion frameworks and much more.

Sonoma Partners offers two different levels of CRM adoption services as part of our Engage framework:

  • Customer-Led We will provide you with all of our Engage CRM adoption best practice tools and templates including sample deliverables. We will also work with your internal CRM adoption champions on a weekly basis to make sure that your adoption is on track to run smoothly. This includes providing coaching and guidance on your deliverables on an as-needed basis.

  • Sonoma Partners-Led In addition to providing you with all of our Engage CRM adoption tools and templates, Sonoma Partners will drive many of the key activities related to the CRM adoption program such as facilitating meetings, co-authoring documentation, working with your CRM champions, and much more.

Sonoma Partners will work with you to create a fully customized CRM adoption program based on your unique needs, including working with your internal resources as part of the project team.