CRM Discover

CRM Discover

So you know you want to deploy a CRM system, and you have big plans for its future! Innovative companies use both and Microsoft Dynamics CRM as part of a business strategy to build and strengthen customer, partner, and supplier relationships.

Unfortunately translating your CRM vision and multi-year plan into functional system requirements and breaking a big plan into smaller digestible projects can be extremely complex... especially if you're new to Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM. (By the way, if you need help creating your CRM vision and implementation roadmap, check out Sonoma Partners' Envision service offering!)

Sonoma Partners' Discover service uses our proprietary requirements and estimating tools to help companies scope out CRM implementation projects. By doing so, Sonoma Partners will:

  • Conduct requirements workshops, end user ridealongs and review existing CRM systems to build a comprehensive list of potential CRM requirements.
  • Create a Project-Scope Estimator with line-item estimates of all the requirements and wish-list items identified in our research.
  • Collaboratively work with you and our Project-Scope Estimator to toggle items in and out of scope of Phase 1, and have informed business discussions about cost/value trade offs for each line item.
  • Create a backlog of future CRM requirements (along with ballpark scope) that will be tackled in Phase 2 and beyond.

Because of our experience with over 1,000 CRM deployments, Sonoma Partners can quickly execute our Discover service in a very short timeframe (think weeks, not months). Please contact us to get started on your own Discover project.