Customer Relationship Management

Sonoma Partners provides a complete range of CRM consulting services for both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Our projects vary from strategy and business process consulting to complex system integrations with lots of customization. Because we've successfully completed over 1,000 CRM projects, we will help you save time and money with your deployment.

CRM Envision

Sonoma Partners can help you develop a long-term roadmap for your CRM initiative, along with key milestones and success metrics to help make sure you achieve the business value you expect from your investment.

CRM Discovery

For organizations that are looking to invest in CRM, we can help you understand what getting started looks like. We'll give you an actionable plan and guide you through the challenges.

CRM Vendor Selection

Are you considering Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM and aren't sure which platform is the right one for you? Let our experts show you which technology is the best fit for your enterprise.

CRM Implementation

We perform CRM implementations for all different types of clients, ranging from relatively straight-forward deployments to systems with extensive customizations. As our customer, you can leverage our CRM best practices and our pre-built intellectual property to get up and running as quickly as possible.

CRM Engage / Change Management

Beyond the technical aspects of a CRM system implementation, Sonoma Partners helps you navigate the critically important parts of user adoption. This includes a wide variety of services depending on your unique needs and company culture.