eBook: Crawl, Walk, Run with CRM

This free eBook will take a look at the common CRM use cases for professional services firms as they get started - or build upon - CRM.

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Tool: EZ Opp for Dynamics CRM

EZ Opp is the best application to help users manage their sales pipline using active opportunities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

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Blog: CRM for AEC Firms - Proposal Generation and Document Management

If you're a marketer working at an AEC firm, we know that it can be especially painful to generate proposals and manage documents. But it doesn't have to be. With a well-implemented CRM solution, AEC firms can tame the proposal and document management beast.

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Infographic: Dynamics 365 for Manufacturing

Download this free infographic to learn more about how Microsoft Dynamics 365 can help transform your manufacturing business.

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eBook: The Top 10 CRM Evaluation Criteria

The stakes couldn’t be much higher when choosing the best CRM platform for your business. To make matters worse if you’re like most buyers, you will probably only conduct one or two CRM selections in your entire career…so no pressure.

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Blog: How to Mass Update Business Process Strategies in Dynamics CRM

CRM allows you to easily update fields on records using their bulk edit functionality. Records that you can query and return back in a list/grid can all be edited using this functionality. However, since it’s currently not a field on the Opportunity form, there is no way to update the Business Process stage using this native bulk edit feature.

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eBook: Graduating CRM Beyond Pipeline Management

Here's some good news! The CRM system you already own is probably capable of performing a LOT more workloads for your organization.

We estimate that most prospects we talk with only leverage 10-15% of their CRM system’s potential!

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Blog: Let Lightning Processes change the way you workflow

We're investigating how to extend the Lightning Process Builder beyond it’s out of the box capabilities by invoking Apex inside your Processes.

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