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CRM for Wholesale and Distribution 

Wholesale and distribution manufacturers know that today’s global economy and technology explosion creates a hyper-competitive operating environment. Consequently, manufacturers realize that their sales, marketing, and service effectiveness must produce at the highest levels to remain competitive. 

Smart businesses leverage Customer Relationship Management as the foundation for their sales, marketing, and customer service initiatives. 

CRM can give your organization the cross-departmental collaboration you need to stand out from the competition. As the wholesale and distribution industries continue to explode, you must evolve and the software you use has to keep up. 

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Key Considerations for CRM for Wholesale and Distribution 

ERP Integration 

Integration is a topic on the minds of most wholesale and distribution companies. It’s likely that you are already using an ERP system for core operations, and an integration between an ERP system and CRM can provide improved visibility into client activity that you need to make confident business decisions. In addition, there are many industry-specific tools – often for pricing-related matters – that companies in this vertical utilize. The ability to establish rich, bi-directional integrations between CRM and these systems can be a solid argument to upgrade, improve, or revamp a CRM system. 


From an end customer perspective, a CPQ can do things like allow for parts ordering on a portal using the configurator, or configure the perfect product for the customer. Even if the manufacturer doesn’t handle the sale coming directly from customers on their website, the product configurator can send the configuration or quote to a local Distributor via email or on their Distributor Portal. 


Mobile CRM functionality can be critical for field sales and service operations. Field sellers are often in the field and offline, and they really need access to mapping for their Leads, Accounts (Distributors, Dealers, and Customers) and territory. Having a call plan for what their next appointment is and how to get to it is critical, as is the ability to log a trip report summarizing what was discussed and sending any necessary information back to their manager or the office. Along these lines, they expect CRM to help them with basic quoting functionality on-the-go.

Drive your manufacturing firm with the power of CRM.