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CRM for Accounting and Consulting

To remain competitive, accounting firms must identify strategies that maximize revenue opportunities among both new and existing accounts.

Consistent revenue growth can feel like a moving target. Few accountants consider themselves “sellers” so their natural tendency is to focus on providing high-quality service to existing accounts. New business development gets de-prioritized and pushed to the back burner in order to address pressing client issues. However, to consistently grow top line revenue, firms must consistently market to, sell to and win business at new accounts. 

Many people think of CRM systems as a way to build existing customer relationships, but a well implemented CRM application can drastically enhance sales performance and boost revenue. By providing all customer-facing employees with a more comprehensive view of revenue opportunities, CRM systems can equip accounting firms with the resources they need to acquire new clients and more effectively pull revenue that exists within their current client base.

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Client Acquisition

CRM systems enable accounting firms to monitor and evaluate sales performance, dramatically improving the firm’s ability to close new business. At a high level, CRM systems create visibility of metrics that reveal the strengths and weaknesses of a firm’s sales program. On a more granular level, CRM systems provide detailed insights about specific territories, teams or even specific partners, giving practice leads and executive leaders the information they need to make informed decisions about the shape and scope of the firm’s efforts to acquire new clients.

Cross-Selling, Upselling & Client Retention

Firms often overlook the untapped revenue potential of their existing client base. Through cross-selling, upselling and customer retention strategies, firms can significantly improve revenues without incurring the high costs often associated with new client acquisition. CRM systems track the services associated with each account (e.g. auditing, tax preparation, financial consulting) and highlight opportunities to create deeper client relationships by either increasing service levels or expanding the scope of services the firm provides the client. The right CRM technology can even aid in creating and delivering targeted messaging to promote new opportunities to existing clients.

Marketing Campaign Management

CRM systems can also improve the firm’s ability to manage marketing campaigns across multiple channels. Online marketing strategies, including social media and email campaigns, benefit from the CRM system’s real-time monitoring and tailored delivery capabilities, allowing the firm’s sales and marketing teams to forge faster and more customized connections with clients. When it comes to traditional offline marketing tactics like newsletters, call outreach or trade shows, CRM systems equip teams with the technical resources they need to track interactions and responses. Ideally, a CRM system can be used as a resource to accurately route prospects to the appropriate partner or sales team member for quick follow-up.

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