Not Your Typical IT Consulting Model

Sonoma Partners doesn't follow the typical IT consulting model.

Many different IT consulting firms offer CRM implementation services, just like we do. But our company uses a next-generation consulting model that we think provides the best benefits to our customers and our employees.

The Numbers Speak for Themselves

We think our unique consulting model works very well, and the numbers prove us out. Over the past 5 years, almost 75% of our customers hired us for more than one project. Just as compelling, one-third of our 2014 revenue came from customers we "rescued" from failed implementations with our competitors.

Functional Experts, Not Jack-of-all-Trades

Most consulting firms rely on jack-of-all-trades resources. The same person who gathers requirements, writes the code, QA's the system and then trains your users. We think that model is a recipe for disaster. Instead, our delivery team consists of functional experts in each of the core disciplines: consulting, development, QA, etc. The core team stays the same, but other expert resources come and go on your project as needed.

Open Book Pricing

Sure, every consulting firm claims to have a unique implementation process but our proprietary Project Scope Estimator allows us to quickly develop your project pricing within 2 or 3 weeks (maybe even faster!). Once we complete the Project Scope Estimator, you can use this tool to make tradeoffs between features, timeline and budgets. We also provide budget and burn-down updates to our customers weekly, so you always know where the project stands. Consequently, you'll never be blindsided with an unexpected bill or runaway project cost!

Remote Delivery Model

We leverage a remote delivery model where our consultants work onsite at your office during key project milestones (kickoffs, requirements, etc.). However, we perform all of the heavy lifting offsite at our offices. This model provides incredible efficiency because each employee has access to our team of experts just steps away and eliminating travel saves you flight and hotel expenses. In addition, we can easily shift resources from project to project, ramping up or down, based on your unique needs.

100% Onshore Development

Some of our competitors pitch offshore development as a way to lower hourly rates and save money on a project. Sounds great in theory, but reality almost never matches expectations. Offshore development typically requires a lot of re-work, which really slows down timelines and ends up eating more budget. Therefore, all of Sonoma Partners development resources are full-time W-2 employees...which means you also don't have to get up at 2am for a conference call!

Just the Right Size - Not Too Big, Not Too Small

At approximately 150 full-time people, we think Sonoma Partners is a great size for a technology consulting firm. We have enough experience and people that we can tackle the most complex and difficult enterprise deployments, but we're not so big that we're bloated and slowed down with red tape and bureaucracy.