Why We're Different

As you're researching various CRM implementations firms, you'll probably find that a lot of companies make the same claims.

All of them will say they are gold-certified, they won awards, they offer great service, along with a host of other marketing-speak. Unfortunately, this type of information won't help you decide which consulting firm you should work with.

So instead of bragging about all of our awards (we've won plenty!) or the fact that we're a gold-certified partner for both Salesforce and Microsoft, let's talk about why Sonoma Partners is different from the rest of the consulting crowd.

Multi-Platform CRM Expertise

Sonoma Partners offers both Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting services, and we can help you decide which platform fits you best. Our knowledge of the two leading CRM platforms also helps us bring industry best practices to your deployment.

Industry Focus

Sonoma Partners really excels at Manufacturing and Professional Services projects. Our experience with some of the biggest names in these industries will save you time and money with your deployment.

Custom Mobile Experts

We believe that the best CRM deployments leverage custom mobile interfaces that focus on the end user's key needs. We have the development and user experience expertise to build consumer-grade quality mobile apps on the iOS and Windows 8 mobile platforms.

Not Your Typical IT Consulting Model

We setup our delivery organization very differently from most consulting firms, and this allows us to provide some very unique benefits to our customers.