Customer Success story: the core group

What is the recipe for sales success at the Core Group?

CRM and Change Management.

"Our customers expect cohesiveness. We wouldnt be able to meet these expectations if we didn't invest in a single CRM platform.”

- Michael Freed, Vice President of Sales and Technology, The Core Group

Who is the Core Group?

The Core Group is one of the top four national food service agencies in the United States. They sell to operators like hospitals, schools, the armed services, and hotels. They employ 1,200+ people with 52 offices nationwide, and their sales reps support many of the leading Consumer Foods Brands.

Sonoma Partners deployed a single iteration of Salesforce across all divisions and outlined a change management and national training program to help them operate as one efficient organization.

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The Core Group Project Fast Facts:

  • # of Employees: 1,200+
  • Headquarters: Philadelphia, PA
  • Industry: Food Brokerage
  • Project: Salesforce Deployment and Change Management

The Challenge:

  • With more than 15 acquisitions in the past two years, the Core Group used four disparate instances of CRM and various spreadsheets to track customer engagement. The organization lacked the necessary tools to share information between departments or sales regions.
  • Industry standards in the food and services business for CRM are poor, and many employees have a bad taste in their mouth when it comes to adopting a new platform. Most employees had their own methods for managing relationships with their customers and were weary to change their individual sales tactics.

The Solution:

  • A single iteration of Salesforce across all divisions.
  • A complete Change Management and National Training program to get users up-to-speed on the new software and readily adopting the system.

The Result:

  • The Core Group determined their requirements and use cases through an Envision plan (CRM Roadmap) to design a Salesforce implementation that best meets their needs.
  • Leadership coaching and Change Management best practices equipped the Core Group with a plan to encourage users onto the new platform.
  • With a strongly built, cutting-edge CRM system, the Core Group now leads "technology first" into the market to better compete.

"[CRM is a necessity. Our competitors utilize their technology as their lead-in. For the Core Group, we believe our winning edge begins with our people-centric culture and sales execution. Our CRM platform is a great tool for us to facilitate our execution strategy."

- Michael Freed