Customer Success story: Permuta

Keeping soldiers alive and well with the DefenseReady System, on a Windows 8 Tablet.

We teamed up with Permuta Technologies to develop a mobile application to provide military leaders with the information they need.

Who is Permuta Technologies?

Permuta Technologies provides highly efficient business solutions tailored for the military and civilian organizations that protect and defend our nation. Permuta prides themselves in their deep understanding of unique operational challenges and problems that face their clients. Their long heritage of innovation allows them to continually improve upon their solutions; making them the perfect candidate for a cutting-edge mobile CRM application.

Permuta Project Fast Facts:

  • Industry: Technology & Software 
  • # of Employees: 30 
  • # of Users in Deployment: 30 
  • Platform: Microsoft Dynamics CRM

The Challenge:

  • The department of defense wanted to be able to better monitor and manage troop readiness levels. 
  • Senior levels of command needed a mobile solution that would provide them with an on-the-go view of troops on the ground.  
  • Multiple user groups (e.g. high levels of command, lower unit commanders) needed access to the information within the system.

The Solution:

  • A custom Windows 8 Tablet App (DefenseReady) built on top of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, aimed at department of defense and federal organizations who move people and equipment around the world, and need situational awareness around their entire organization.

The Result:

  • Permuta’s mobile application educates the chain of command on potential risks to troop readiness levels. 
  • Touch and gesture-based interaction within the application makes it faster and easier to use, eliminating the need to enter data manually. 
  • The beautiful, custom user interface showcases both high-level readiness levels and drilldowns into individual soldiers. 
  • DefenseReady constantly monitors morale and quality of life for US troops, providing real-time feedback and faster response times on critical issues. 
  • The intuitive, flexible software provides immediate insight and control for military leadership to respond accordingly.