Customer Success story: New Belgium

"Before CRM, just doing our daily jobs was an administrative burden."

New Belgium Brewery had a CRM system that was up and running, but it didn't provide their sales team with the tool they needed to get the job done in the field.

Who is New Belgium?

New Belgium Brewing Company is a craft brewery located in Fort Collins, Colorado. Their sales team, also known as Beer Rangers, are so much more than sales associates. They are brand ambassadors that protect the value of New Belgium and spread the word of good beer, good cheer, and quality assurance. 

In order to provide the best service to their customers in the field, we built them Rangerland, a touch-based mobile application that allows them to access their CRM Account information wherever, whenever. 

New Belgium Brewing Project Fast Facts:

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • # of employees: 500
  • # of users in deployment: 100
  • Platform: Microsoft Dynamics CRM & Windows 10 Mobile Application

The Challenge:

  • Prior to CRM, Beer Rangers took notes on paper, notebooks, and cocktail napkins. This information was difficult to consolidate, track, and repurpose for future conversations with clients.
  • The initial deployment of a mobile application proved to be ineffective because inputting data was cumbersome and took too much effort for little result.
  • New Belgium needed a custom mobile CRM application that was not only easy to use but accessible in the field.

The Solution:

  • Custom Windows 10 Application (branded as Rangerland) 
  • The application has offline capabilities so Beer Rangers can input and save data without Wi-Fi connection

The Result:

  • With Rangerland, Beer Rangers can manage appointments, take notes, conduct surveys, and view sales histories using CRM data with a tap of the finger. 
  • Not only does the custom mobile CRM application service the Beer Rangers, but the app provides New Belgium's customers with an amazing purchasing experience.  Clients are able to view historical data and past transactional information stored in CRM to better manage order volume and inventory, ultimately leading to greater profitability.
  • Since deployment, data entry time has dropped by 5 minutes per sales call, giving Beer Rangers more time do what they do best; spreading the word of good beer and good cheer.