Customer Success story: Mark anthony brands

“Our sales team operated on separate islands, with isolated strategies, and few resources.

Mark Anthony Brands (MABI) leadership recognized a need to provide their Field Sales Representatives (FSR) with a new process and toolset. Prior to this project, sales methodologies varied greatly between regions and FSRs. They wanted to revitalize the sales culture of the organization via disruptive change. Cue CRM.

Who is MABI?

Mark Anthony Brands is the United States division of Mark Anthony Group (MAG), the leading, privately-owned importer and distributor of fine wine, premium beer, and specialty beverages in Canada. Mark Anthony Group’s flagship product is the Mike’s Hard Lemonade line. Mark Anthony Group is headquartered in Vancouver, BC, while the headquarters of the U.S. operations for MABI is in Chicago, IL.

In working with Sonoma Partners, MABI’s leadership team aimed to provide the FSRs with a more productive method of doing their jobs, securing stronger data and reporting capabilities.

MABI Project Fast Facts:

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • # of employees: 500
  • # of users in deployment: 150
  • Platform: Microsoft Dynamics CRM On-Premise

The Challenge:

  • Depending on the FSR and region, mechanisms of collecting/storing account information varied. There was never a single procedure put in place at the enterprise level, and, as a result, the quality of data was poor and data collection was inconsistent.
  • Without a defined method for data collection, leadership struggled to track customer engagement and transactions.
  • Sales Team morale was low due to outdated procedures and tools.

The Solution:

  • A Mobile Test Drive allowed for the salespeople to see the application in action and provide feedback in their sales meetings.
  • Sonoma Partners built a custom mobile application titled, Mability (amalgamation of MABI and mobility) with cross-device flexibility.
  • Light CRM advisory helped connect CRM to Mability.

The Result:

  • The mobile application revitalized the FSR team, providing them with a new tool to better access and enter customer information in the field, leading to better data quality.
  • With the new application, FSR procedures are more consistent and thorough across MABI’s regions.
  • Cross-device flexibility allows Mability to work on all FSR devices, providing many options for taking the application to a tablet and beyond.