Customer Success story: M. Holland

"CRM creates a better experience for the people who always come first: our customers.”

In the early stages of their CRM project, M. Holland team members took UX architects into the field to collect essential observational data and create a tool specifically to meet their needs.

Who is M. Holland?

With more than 65 years of experience, M. Holland remains one of the largest plastic resin distributors in the United States. The family-owned business grounds itself in the belief that their customers always come first. In order to mobilize their workforce and provide a better service experience for their customers, M. Holland decided to invest in a mobile CRM application.

M. Holland Fast Facts:

  • Industry: Distribution and Logistics
  • # of employees: 200
  • # of users in deployment: 120 
  • Platform: Microsoft Dynamics CRM (on-premise) with Mobile Application

The Challenge:

  • M. Holland’s current CRM system couldn’t provide visibility into single customer records. 
  • With no better option, field sellers managed accounts and activities in locally-saved spreadsheets, in the office and on the road. 
  • Their method of tracking client interactions lacked efficiency, especially when it came to knowledge sharing across the sales team.

The Solution:

  • A mobile CRM application to better serve field sellers

The Results:

  • M. Holland vastly improved customer experiences with their new CRM system, leading to more opportunities and overall company growth. 
  •  M. Holland’s sales team now documents all activities within CRM, from working leads, creating and managing accounts to managing pricing. This helps standardize processes for the team as well as provide greater insight company-wide into the complexity of this business function.  
  • As a result of the project, M. Holland’s IT team engaged in business processes and decisions. This participation provided their team with greater company insights and cross-department engagements.  
  • M. Holland’s credibility largely increased in the eyes of their customers as a result of the improved customer experience and interaction with the sellers.