Customer Success story: kavo kerr Group

"Sonoma Partners understands our business goals. Our new CRM solution allows us to provide our clients with the positive customer experience KaVo Kerr exemplifies and to continue 'inspiring best practices.'"

KaVo Kerr Group’s sales team used to operate on a number of disparate systems and processes, with limited integration between them. They turned to Salesforce – with help from Sonoma Partners – to create a central hub of well-organized account/customer information to better help their clients.

Who is KaVo Kerr?

KaVo Kerr Group (or KaVo Kerr, for short) stands as the world leader in products and processes for the dental industry. KaVo Kerr represents a broad portfolio of equipment and consumable brands that span multiple user groups, product segments, and business units.

KaVo Kerr turned to CRM to meet their business goal of providing employees with intuitive and effective tools to assist customers.

KaVo Kerr Project Fast Facts:

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • # of Employees: 5,000
  • # of Users in Deployment: 600
  • Platform: Salesforce

The Challenges:

  • KaVo Kerr’s previous CRM system did not integrate with the system used to resolve customer inquiries, creating an inconsistent customer experience across the company brands and negatively impacting overall customer satisfaction.
  • Many of their brands lacked customer history records because their field team would manually enter their individual schedules.
  • Without a central source for information, many of the business units struggled to record, store, and access customer knowledge.

The Solution:

  • A single instance of Salesforce with basic functionality for sales within North America (to be enhanced in future phases and rolled out region by region)
  • Salesforce1 Mobile capability

“Sonoma Partners allowed us to more strategically impact our clients and build relationships. CRM is now an integral part of our business process, and we couldn’t have gotten there without Sonoma.”

The Result:

  • Employees have an intuitive and effective tool to assist customers throughout their purchasing journey.
  • KaVo Kerr can take a more strategic approach to their sales process, overseeing each step and more easily identifying gaps in the sales cycle.
  • Salesforce1 Mobile gives sellers CRM access on-the-go through tablets and mobile devices, making information easier to enter and access.