Customer Success story: Hylant

"The first time I saw the CRM system, I knew it was the top-of-the-line solution we were looking for to manage our sales process."

Most of Hylant's competitors implement CRM with only management reporting needs (specifically for shareholders) in mind. Hylant's CRM program focused on meeting the client executives’ needs, providing them with the data they need to best do their jobs.

Since 1935, Hylant has delivered a full range of customized, cost-effective insurance brokerage and risk management solutions that fit a wide variety of client requests. Understanding that every business has a unique organizational blueprint, Hylant has developed a number of dedicated practice groups to offer specialized service in a variety of industries and needs, such as executive risk, property and marine, aviation, medical risk, and international coverage. We worked with Hylant to create a unique CRM solution that would satisfy their client executives' day-to-day needs.

The Challenge:

  • Since Hylant lacked a central location for all of their client data, the process of finding client information was clunky and difficult to navigate. 
  • Hylant’s contact lists were not consolidated, and they were spread across multiple systems. 
  • Incomplete data records made communication with clients difficult if not impossible.

The Solution:

  • Provide a custom CRM solution designed specifically with the client executives (not the shareholders) needs in mind. 
  • Deploy Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution to centralize information, improve collaboration, and make the day-to-day lives of the sales team easier.

The Results:

  • Hylant’s CRM system consolidates contact information into a single list that allows marketing to more easily share relevant content with related customers and prospects. 
  • Client executives are able to manage client needs and requests with accurate, easily accessible and comprehensive data.