Customer Success story: gtm sportswear

A CRM System, "Custom-Fit" to Inform, Integrate, Expedite Sales Processes

GTM Sportswear specializes in custom-fit and embellished sports attire. They needed a custom CRM system, integrated with their ERP solution, to improve their customer relations activities.

Who is GTM Sportswear? 

Based in Manhattan, Kansas, GTM Sportswear leads in providing custom-embellished uniforms, warm-up, and practice apparel for college, school, and club sports teams. Their sales team focuses on selling directly to large high school/college accounts while their website handles the ecommerce side of their business. This self-service platform allows customers to design and order directly through their website.

GTM Sportswear Project Fast Facts:

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Platform: Salesforce

The Challenge:

  • Their current instance of Salesforce did not properly integrate with their ERP system (Infor M3), forcing CRM users to bounce between platforms to access information on previous orders, activities, contacts, etc.
  • Note taking within Infor M3 also did not integrate with CRM, so anything entered in one system had to manually be entered into another. This largely limited their visibility into customer interactions in the event of a sales rep forgetting to enter their notes.

The Solution:

  • A bi-directional integration between Infor M3 and Salesforce.
  • Fields and/or buttons utilize Infor M3 technical capabilities to launch applications for Order Entry and Order Searching from Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities.
  • A web service proxy to publically expose Infor M3’s web service that the Salesforce system could then consume.

The Result:

  • A fully functioning integration between ERP and CRM allows GTM Sportswear to seamlessly flow between systems when entering data and researching accounts.
  • A custom order button on Salesforce Service Console triggers workflows, pushing orders into Infor, to steamline business processes for the sales reps.