Customer Success story: electronics manufacturing company

A Better Lens to View and Track Customer Engagement

This company’s VP was committed to finding a better, stronger, more flexible CRM solution after the organization failed to adopt Oracle CRM On Demand.

This company manufactures highly complex optical components and lasers for customers in a variety of industries, including biotech, defense, life sciences, aerospace, semi-conductors, and other verticals that require product inspection, photo lithography, and similar optical components.

A new CRM deployment was not only the opportunity to improve on current business operations but also to continue promoting company-wide business consolidation.

Project Highlights:

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • # of employees: 200
  • # of users in deployment: 25
  • Workload: Sales
  • Platform:

The Challenge:

  • With Oracle On Demand, this company struggled to see a singular view of their client base. Their platform was cluttered with thousands of duplicate records and they were unable to take away key insights or trends because of it.
  • Two of the company’s four business units had long given up on Oracle’s CRM platform and adopted their own instance of Salesforce. With divisions using different platforms, visibility across product lines grew to be largely nonexistent.

The Solution:

  • Sonoma Partners successfully deployed for the entire company.
  • The two business units that were already on Salesforce will be consolidated and then integrated into the singular corporate environment.

The Result:

  • With their newly deployed solution, this company enjoys the ability to more efficiently manage lead flows from their key outreach engagements, including trade shows, advertisements, publications, and web forms.
  • A 360-degree-view of their suspects, prospects, and customers allows them to better understand their “white space” and opportunity areas for the sales team.
  • A formal sales process across the company reinforced by the new CRM system allows for streamlined sales procedures and enhanced efficiency company-wide.