Customer Success story: Brooklyn brewery

Enriching Beers Sold by Empowered Sellers

With dreams of greater customer insight and a more defined sales process, Brooklyn Brewery looked to CRM. 


Who is Brooklyn Brewery?

One of the top craft breweries in the world, Brooklyn Brewery produces a roster of year-round, seasonal, and specialty products. Spearheaded by their flagship, Brooklyn Lager, Brooklyn beers currently appear in 25 states and 17 countries.

Like most breweries, Brooklyn Brewery’s sales reps are responsible for maintaining the relationship with their eventual customers (restaurants, bars, stores, etc.). Due to their tiered distribution model for alcoholic beverages, however, they are not just conducting “sales.” Rather, they are monitoring product quality, building the relationship with the buyer, conducting surveys, assessing product placement, etc.

Prior to this engagement, Brooklyn Brewery had no true CRM system in place. As they started engaging with Sonoma Partners, Brooklyn Brewery’s plans were two-fold: (1) to empower sales reps to make better sales and (2) to enable sales leadership to be stronger sales managers.

Brooklyn Brewery Project Fast Facts:

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • # of employees: 110
  • # of users in deployment: 45
  • Workload Type: Sales
  • Platform: Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online
  • Data Migration: Vermont Information Processing (VIP) via native import tools

The Challenge:

  • Sales reps didn’t have an outlined process or set of procedures to ensure client interactions were consistent.
  • Without a single place for reporting and accountability information at the distributor level, sellers and leadership struggled to make key business decisions.
  • Brooklyn Brewery largely lacked insight into historical performance data without an ongoing method to track client interactions.

The Solution:

  • Deployed Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online with MoCA for mobile devices.
  • Sonoma Partners conducted a ride-along at the end of the project to make last minute changes within the CRM mobile app, customized to meet the needs of the reps.

The Result:

  • The new CRM system increased support for the sales reps in both efficiency and process, making faster and more strategic sales.
  • A key focus of this engagement was also to provide the reps with a Sales Call Template built into the new CRM system. The Sales Call Template was essentially a survey and list of to-do’s for a rep to follow each time they visit with a customer. Incorporating the Template into CRM provides each customer with a consistent and client-friendly experience.
  • CRM provides a method to manage/understand all aspects of Brooklyn Brewery's customers, from contact information to deletions to historical performance data. Teams are now more informed and are able to operate more effectively than ever before.