Customer Success story: Boise paper

CRM helps our people truly understand our customers.

Boise Paper used to use Oracle CRM On-Demand for a CRM system, but poor adoption led to little returned value for end users, managers, and executives. Boise Paper needed to make a change.

Boise Paper wanted Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing to efficiently work together through a single, united CRM system. They hoped to gain more accurate, cross-departmental insight into their client base. Enter Sonoma Partners!

Who is Boise Paper?

Boise White Paper, L.L.C. (Boise Paper), headquartered in Lake Forest, Illinois, exists as a subsidiary of the Packaging Corporation of America. Boise Paper is the third-largest manufacturer of paper sold via retail stores, distributors, and stationers.

Boise Paper Project Fast Facts:

  • Industry: Manufacturing
  • Workload Type: Sales, Customer Service, Marketing
  • # of Users in Deployment: 200
  • Platform: Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 On-Premise, Microsoft Dynamics Marketing, Yammer
  • Data Migrations: From Oracle On-Demand, Outlook
  • Data Integrations: With their ERP System (Bolt) via SSIS and SharePoint

The Challenge:

  • Boise Paper’s previous CRM system was never widely adopted as a result of bad UI, update challenges, and no mobile options, offering little value to end users.
  • Spreadsheets, emails, or phone calls held most data, making information perpetually a challenge to track down.
  • Sales reps lacked visibility into customer service and would often “fly blind” into their meetings and ultimately losing credibility with clients.
  • Marketing found it difficult to derive ROI from their campaigns or tradeshows without access to accurate data.

The Solution:

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2015 On-Premise for Sales, Customer Service, and Marketing to work together and share data; Microsoft Dynamics Marketing for targeted campaigns, lead scoring, and surveys; Yammer as an internal chat tool

The Result:

  • With improved visibility into their customer base, sales representatives are more strategic than ever and all sales activities are proving to be more productive.
  • CRM integration with Outlook keeps Sales teams on task. A newly created “Goals Dashboard” highlights the number of new customer appointments each sales rep completes each quarter against a predetermined target. Sales Managers review the dashboard to gauge progress and follow up with reps as necessary.
  • With their new CRM system, Marketing can score leads to manage the targeting of their marketing campaigns. This insight gives them a better understanding of the ROI associated with a specific activity or campaign.
  • Customer issues entered into CRM as Cases enables CSR’s and Supervisors to track timely resolution and identify gaps in meeting defined KPI’s. It also provides visibility to Sales reps prior to calls.