Cloud Solution Provider 

Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider

Are you looking for an implementation partner that can successfully manage the entirety of your Dynamics 365 program? Whether you're looking to enhance your existing Dynamics 365 deployment or you're just starting out on your D365 journey, Sonoma Partners is here to maximize your investment in the Microsoft Cloud. 

A partnership with Sonoma Partners means you get to leave the days of searching for information across platforms and 3rd party providers in the dust. Sonoma Partners can manage the full scope of your Dynamics 365 implementation, from licenses and subscriptions, to services and training, to support and beyond. 

Choosing Sonoma Partners as your Microsoft Cloud Solution Provider means you get to package your Microsoft Cloud licenses, implementation services, training, and support needs. Highlights of the partnership include:

  • Access to Sonoma Partners unique IP to help you get save project time and resources
  • Simplified billing and payment through Sonoma Partners
  • Ability to consolidate your Microsoft Dynamics 365 licenses and Cloud subscriptions
  • Priority support from Dynamics delivery team with a collective 400 years of experience
  • Sonoma Partners custom support tools and team proactively monitoring your environment 

Are you interested in learning more about a partnership? Contact us to speak with a member of our team to learn more about enlisting Sonoma Partners as your one-stop-shop for all things Dynamics 365.