With our Mobile Sales Kit you can drastically reduce the amount of money your organization spends on printing costs each year, and greatly enhance your sales presentations to close more business.

Beautiful Custom Interfaces

Sonoma Partners understands that your business has unique needs, right down to the look and feel of your applications. Our team of user interface experts will ensure that the application not only looks beautiful, but provides quick and easy access to the documents you want most.

Built-in Analytics

With the on board analytics, the Mobile Sales Kit monitors which areas of the application are being used most, and which are being used least. This information can help guide your marketing teams to ensure they’re making the most compelling information available on your field teams’ iPads.

Enterprise Ready

The Mobile Sales Kit was designed from the ground up to be a highly scalable, serious productivity tool. We’ll work with your team members to ensure the app we deliver meets your organization’s needs, and then help you deploy it to the field.

The application is highly customizable and can be built to your specific needs, no matter how complex your product lines or services are.

For more information about the Mobile Sales Kit, please email info@sonomapartners.com.