isv customer success stories

ISV Customer Success Stories

Read about a few of our most recent ISV customer success stories:

Fusion Risk

When a customer requested a custom UI display for "information boards" for executives during crisis situations, Fusion Risk asked Sonoma Partners for assistance.

About Fusion Risk:
Fusion Risk Management, Inc. provides consulting services, implementation, and project management services in the areas of risk management strategic, business continuity, disaster recovery, and more.

Project Results:

  • Sonoma Partners quickly developed custom front-end pages to provide this customer's leaders with a "snapshot" incident report within custom information boards.
  • Thanks to the new solution, this customer can act proactively in crisis or incident command situations within their company.
  • Fusion Risk further proved their reputation as a reliable partner for their customers.


TimeTrade customers using Salesforce wanted to be able to schedule, create, modify, and/or cancel appointments without having to duplicate actions in both platforms.

About TimeTrade:
TimeTrade offers a cloud-based platform that allows its customers' customers to create appointments by embedding a link into their email signature/website landing page, etc. that integrates into a user's calendar and offers appointment time slots based on availability.

Project Results:

  • With Sonoma Partners' assistance, TimeTrade customers now experience seamless integration between Salesforce and the scheduling tool.
  • Users can create TimeTrade appointments from detail pages within Salesforce as well, providing an overall easier user experience.