Control Tower


By deploying Control Tower in your Microsoft Dynamics CRM deployment, you have the objective data you need to measure and improve end user adoption.

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CRM Snoop


CRM Snoop allows you capture plug-in behavior specific to the entities you're tracking all within an easy-to-use graphical interface.

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Custom Privilege Solution


Create a reusable custom security privilege solution to apply for actions within the system without relying on custom code for each instance.

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Need an easy way to quickly tally how many records are in your CRM that fit a defined set of criteria? You need a dynabacus.

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Dynamics CRM DevTools for Chrome


Dynamics CRM DevTools is an extension to Google Chrome which provides a variety of tools to help optimize customizing and troubleshooting within Dynamics CRM.  

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Dynamic Forms


Create complex rules that govern advanced behavior on CRM forms through a custom interface.

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Editable Grid


The Editable Grid utility allows users to quickly and easily update multiple records at one time. 

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EZ Opp


EZ Opp from Sonoma Partners is the best application to help users manage their sales pipeline using active opportunities within Microsoft Dynamics CRM or

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Metablast UI


The Sonoma Partners Metablast utility allows users to quickly and easily extract metadata across one, several, or all entities in their CRM environment. 

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Mobile Sales Kit (MSK)


The Mobile Sales Kit synchronizes with SharePoint, downloading new documents or new versions of existing documents, and makes them easily accessible on an iPad.

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Sonoma Partners QuickNav solution allows users to quickly and easily search and navigate through CRM 2015 environments. The QuickNav button is accessed from the main CRM navigation, so users can always access it quickly.

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Universal Search


Universal Search for Dynamics CRM 2011 from Sonoma Partners gives your users more power to search all records within Dynamics CRM faster than ever before. 

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Workflow Utility


The Sonoma Partners Workflow Utilities for CRM 2011 on-premise editions allow for you to retrieve record id, formatted URLs for emails, and formatting line breaks with HTML break tags.

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