meet our Recruiting team

They're fun, fired-up, and eager to meet you.

Our team members who attend campus recruiting fairs are unique. Whether it's the year they graduated, their position at the company, or their favorite snack in the Sonoma Drink Fridge - we have a diversely awesome team!

Read below for some advice on attending career fairs from our current employees, what aspect of daily Sonoman life they like best, and where to grab food near the office. Don't worry - they're friendly! Swing by and introduce yourself if you see them walking around your campus!

Meet Our Recruiting Team


Michael Koscak

Associate Developer
University of Iowa '15
Best part of #sonomanlife: Everyone is very cool and laidback.


Hayden Thomas

Associate Developer
Purdue University '16
Best part of #sonomanlife: Being able to work in a very relaxed atmosphere with such talented and passionate individuals.


Kristian Altuve 

Associate Business Analyst
Purdue University '15
Favorite Sonoma snack: Greek yogurt with granola!


William Dibbern

Principal Developer
University of Iowa '10

Best part of #sonomanlife: Without a doubt, the people. We have so many smart, professional, and motivated people that also know how to have fun.


Keenan Wojnicz

Business Analyst
Herzing University '13
Favorite after work spot: Madison Tavern


Cam Johnson

Associate Developer
Northwestern University '14

Favorite day of the week at Sonoma: I like coming in on Friday when the week's almost over and the office is quiet. I can relax and finish up work for the week and grab snacks from the kitchen at the end of the day.