One of the main benefits of hiring a company like Sonoma Partners to assist you with your CRM deployment is that we've previously completed hundreds of projects, probably with similar needs to what you're looking for. As we complete each project, we create a running inventory of the unique code and customizations related to that project so that we can reference it in the future for other clients.

Consequently when we work with new customers, we will reference our database of existing solutions to show you examples of possible implementations, or possibly even re-use portions of code. By doing so, we can make the requirements gathering process easier, but we can also save you time and money with your deployment.

Two of the most common areas where we can leverage our prior experience are data migrations and system integrations.

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    Pre-Built IP

    We developed a complete library of development tools and utilities to solve common customer requests.

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    Data Migrations

    We can extract, de-duplicate, scrub data from your previous CRM system and then load it into either or Microsoft Dynamics CRM. We have pre-built scripts and templates for many of the more common CRM applications.

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    We can integrate your or Microsoft Dynamics CRM system to other applications in a variety of manners including nightly feeds or real-time, on-premise versus hosted, one-way or bi-directional.

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