With CRM Elements for Real Estate, Sonoma Partners provides a powerful sales, marketing, and customer service tool for condo developers and home builders. Built using the Microsoft Dynamics CRM platform, we deeply extended the software's functionality to provide the benefits of a CRM solution to the Real Estate industry.

Sonoma Partners designed CRM Elements for Real Estate specifically for condo developers building new developments, developers converting rental properties, and/or builders with large residential home complexes. Our CRM real estate software offers the most dramatic benefits for companies operating multiple property sites with 50 or more units per property.

  • Property and Unit Management

    Property administration is the first step to automating your sales process with CRM Elements for Real Estate. The web-based site administration tool makes it easy for you to create and manage each property in your portfolio, from basic address information to the floor plans, upgrade packages and status details of each unit in the property.

  • Sales and Inventory Management

    Manage your sales and inventory processes in a central, unified knowledge base with CRM Elements for Real Estate. Automating this information in a central knowledge base can lead to increased productivity and improved customer service within your organization, which in turn leads to greater revenue on your bottom line.

  • Document Creation and Management

    CRM Elements for Real Estate helps you centralize the documents vital to the real estate sales and closing process. The software's powerful document creation and management tools make it easy to customize sales, closing and other document templates for each residential site in your portfolio. Salespeople and other key users can then create contracts and other documents for each transaction.

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