Professional services firms run a bit differently than product firms. As a professional services firm, nobody understands that better than us. Your organization has one driving mission: to provide an unsurpassed level of counsel and specialized knowledge to your clients. Your CRM solution must help you consistently deliver those high-quality services, streamline practice management processes, and acquire and retain the best clients. Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Professional Services can help you meet these goals.

Our professional services solution is designed to work within Microsoft Dynamics CRM while providing additional tools to manage more of your business, including sales, project support, and recruiting.

Sales Opportunity Management

Consistent attention to your sales pipeline is absolutely critical to your firm’s ability to begin projects on time and keep customers both new and old happy with your project. By centralizing your sales data in Microsoft Dynamics CRM, you can:

  • Understand which deals are closing within a specified timeframe
  • Keep your PMO updated on project resource requirements
  • Better forecast revenue numbers for business planning

All of this information is presented in a powerful, meaningful way with dashboards inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM. With dashboards, your leadership and management teams can digest large amounts of information quickly and act when they need to.


With Activity Feeds inside of Microsoft Dynamics CRM, your functional teams can quickly and easily disseminate and digest key information. Now sales and delivery can work better together than ever before with improved collaboration around closing deals and delivering high quality project work.

External social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn can also be integrated to enable your sales teams to uncover opportunities and identify decision makers. Just as importantly, your recruiting team can find top talent and track all of their interactions within Microsoft Dynamics CRM.


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