In the consumer sector, CRM systems allow organizations to better anticipate and meet customer needs, which in turn increase sales revenue. When applied to the healthcare industry, healthcare CRM methods can help care providers, hospitals, clinics and physicians nurture patient relationships to develop trust that the best possible care will be given when the need arises.

With Microsoft Dynamics CRM, the commercial benefits of a central customer database can be applied to the demands of the private and public healthcare sector, allowing you to provide timely, cost-effective solutions for your patients with case coordination, physician relationship management and marketing outreach functionality.

  • Case Coordination

    Case coordination allows organizations to track inquiries from when they are received, through admission to post follow-up care allowing organizations to establish ongoing relationships with their patients and follow up with patients after discharge. Effective case coordination enables organizations to connect and collaborate with external organizations with automated workflow processes.

  • Physician Relationship Management

    Physician relationship management allows healthcare organizations to manage relationships with its network of physicians. By treating your physicians like customers, your organization can track and manage the various complex relationships between physicians, hospitals, and medical practices.

  • Marketing Outreach

    Targeted outreach that can help educate and engage community members and financial donors is tedious to complete. Without systems that help narrow mailing lists to interested audiences, broad, non-personalized mailings have little impact. As a result, Sonoma Partners has extended Microsoft Dynamics CRM to facilitate cost-effective outreach communications, track responses and automate follow-up activities to help engage community members and strengthen donor relationships.

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