Sonoma Partners can help franchisors leverage Salesforce or Microsoft Dynamics CRM to manage their franchised business. We understand there are many different industries within the franchising community - automotive services and rental, real estate services, quick service food and restaurants, travel, retail, lodging and many others. Each faces its own unique circumstances and has very specific best practices. However, we have discovered they all face many of the same obstacles, including:

  • Disparate technologies throughout departments/business units
  • Inconsistent execution in process
  • Poor productivity/missed tasks and deadlines
  • Limited collaboration between groups/departments
  • Manual creation of reports from various data sources
  • Inability to collectively manage contacts, documents, financials, properties, units and locations

Both and Microsoft CRM offer pre-built sales, marketing, and customer support modules, and Sonoma Partners adds in the franchise specific needs such as management of the recruitment and application process, property development, operations and legal compliance, and customer relations.

  • franchise software, franchise management software

    Recruitment & Application Process Management

    Manage the entire recruitment and application process from initial inquiry capture to dynamically analyzing the qualities of successful candidates.

  • franchise software, franchise management software

    Operations & Legal Compliance

    Track, display, manage agreements, and incorporate documents into franchisee files. Microsoft Dynamics CRM also helps you manage training so you are able to maintain consistency across your franchises.

  • franchise software, franchise management software

    Property Development

    Property development is one of the most important and complex aspects of your business. Microsoft Dynamics CRM helps companies manage this critical component of the process.

  • franchise software, franchise management software

    Franchise & End Customer Relations

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM manages and tracks royalty fees and quality control records once locations are open, and tracks inbound and outbound calls from customers and franchise owners to provide better service to customers.

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