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Why We're Different

  • icon Multi-Platform CRM Expertise

    Sonoma Partners offers both and Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting services, and we can help you decide which platform fits you best.

  • icon Custom Mobile Experts

    We build custom mobile apps for both iOS and Windows 8 tablets, bringing consumer grade design and user experience to the enterprise.

  • icon Industry Focus

    Sonoma Partners knows the Professional Services and Manufacturing industries inside out, backwards and forwards. We will hit the ground running on your project.

  • icon Not Your Typical IT Consulting Model

    Sonoma Partners does things very differently from most consulting firms, and this helps us deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

Industry Expertise

"It’s been a wild and wonderful year since we started down this journey together. Sonoma Partners will forever go down in the Hoover’s history books as the best partner/vendor we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with…seriously. You are one of a kind."

- Heidi Tucker, VP of Business Development at Hoover's

Recent Blog Posts

  • Remain DRY by checking your @testSetup

    Posted by Nathen Drees

    Among the many exciting features of the upcoming Spring ’15 release there is a hidden gem for developers coming: the new @testSetup annotation. This new annotation will let you refactor chunks of code common to each test within a test...

  • Make Your Visualforce Components More Useful, Part 3

    Posted by Sonoma Partners

    Today's post is written by Andrew Monshizadeh, an iOS Developer at Sonoma Partners. In the first blog post we discussed a situation where it would make sense to split part of a Visualforce page out into a component, and in...

  • Sonoma Partners Community Applications for CRM 2015

    Posted by Jim Steger

    Today’s post is co-written by Kevin Yamashita, a Senior Quality Analyst at Sonoma Partners. With the release of Dynamics 2015, we're excited to announce that our community applications (Editable Grid, Universal Search, Dynamic Forms) have been updated and are now...

  • Duplicate Management and Salesforce Spring ’15

    Posted by Sonoma Partners

    Today's post is written by Richard Failla, a Salesforce Business Analyst at Sonoma Partners. We told you why we’re excited for Spring ’15 but now we want to dive deeper into one long-awaited feature: native Duplicate Management. While it technically...