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Why We're Different

  • icon Multi-Platform CRM Expertise

    Sonoma Partners offers both and Microsoft Dynamics CRM consulting services, and we can help you decide which platform fits you best.

  • icon Custom Mobile Experts

    We build custom mobile apps for both iOS and Windows 8 tablets, bringing consumer grade design and user experience to the enterprise.

  • icon Services Industry Focus

    Sonoma Partners knows the Financial Services and Professional Services industries inside out, backwards and forwards. We will hit the ground running on your project.

  • icon Not Your Typical IT Consulting Model

    Sonoma Partners does things very differently from most consulting firms, and this helps us deliver your project on-time and on-budget.

Industry Expertise

"It’s been a wild and wonderful year since we started down this journey together. Sonoma Partners will forever go down in the Hoover’s history books as the best partner/vendor we’ve ever had the pleasure to work with…seriously. You are one of a kind."

- Heidi Tucker, VP of Business Development at Hoover's

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  • Clogged Sync? Better call the plumber…

    Posted by Sonoma Partners

    Today’s guest bloggers are Ross Talbot, a Senior Developer at Sonoma Partners, and Nick Costanzo, a Senior Consultant at Sonoma Partners. A few months ago, my colleague Jacob wrote a blog post about Dynamics CRM 2013’s new feature, the Server-Side...

  • Multicurrency and SOQL in Salesforce

    Posted by Nathen Drees

    Most of the time when I write a post, I do so because I think whatever subject I’m writing about is either not well documented, the documentation for it is not easy to find, or the information is important enough...

  • The Single Most Radical Thing You Can Do to Drastically Increase End User Adoption

    Posted by Mike Snyder

    Of course you want high end user adoption of your CRM system, but what are you willing to do to achieve it? How far outside the box are you willing to get? The (Unfortunate) Gap Between Perception and Reality at...